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We are problem solvers. When you come to Clark Devon Hardware you will find our experienced staff willing and happy to discuss your project. Here are some resources you may find helpful: 






Clark Devon Hardware does not have any upcoming events.


Events usually last several hours and Classes usually meet for about an hour, starting at noon in the front of the store: 6401 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60626. Events/Classes are free and all are welcome.



CLASS - Changing Apartment Locks

Saturday, August 10th 12 PM – 1 PM

Need to replace a cylinder, deadbolt or knobset? You'll need a few tools and know how to line up everything so the lock works perfectly every time. In this class we'll show you some of the tricks of remobving and replacing lock sets.





EVENT - Customer Appreciation Day

Wednesday, July 31st 10 AM – 2 PM

Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? Join us Wednesday, July 31st from 10 to 2 for Customer Appreciation Day! Have a burger, spin the prize wheel and check out Benjamin Moore, Com Ed, Locinox, Makita and Stihl -- visit 3 vendors to enter the Grand Prize Raffle.





CLASS - Electrical Basics- Testers, Switches & Outlets

Saturday, June 22nd 12 PM – 1 PM

Need to replace a switch or outlet that doesn't work but afraid to mess with electrical? In this class you'll learn basic wiring, how to test and replace light switches and outlets, the tools needed and  safety precautions to be taken while doing the work.






Wednesday, June 19th 12 PM – 1 PM

Keep your commercial fixtures operating properly. In this class we'll discuss which valve is best for your application and how to install and repair your Sloan valves for proper operation.





CLASS - Spring Lawn Care

Wednesday, April 17th 12 PM – 1 PM

We will tell you what you can do now if your goal is a lush, green lawn this summer. We'll discuss thatch removal, aeration, watering, fertilizing, pre-emergent and post-emergent weed killers. Join us Wednesday, April 17th at noon.




















CLASS - Door Closers: Selection, Installation, Adjustment


Wednesday, November 14th 12 PM – 1 PM

Selecting a door closer can be challenging no matter your skill level. In this class we'll discuss the different types of closers available, their uses, adjustments of the sweep and latch speed, strength adjustment when available. We'll also cover what to do with vestibule doors when temperature and wind play a factor and what is needed for Chicago fire life safety issues.



CLASS - Pipe and Gutter Heating Cable Installation


Wednesday, October 17th 12 PM – 1 PM

We will be discussing products available for deicing and cabling, planning and installing pipe and gutter heating cables. These cables can help you avoid expensive repairs caused by frozen pipes and gutters. Speaker: Austin Vonderheide





EVENT - PRO-Day: Fall Product Expo


Wednesday, September 27th 10AM-1PM

A few of our special vendors will be here on Thursday, Sept. 27th from 10 - 1 to show you what's new in paint, grilling, power equipment and lighting/saving energy. Join contractors, home owners to see the latest offerings from STIHL, Milwaukee, Big Green Egg, Com Ed/Greenlite, and Benjamin Moore. Try out some new tools, bring your questions and taste what the #BigGreenEgg can do.



CLASS - Steam Heating System Maintenance & Repair


Wednesday, September 19th 12PM-1PM

With the heating season almost upon us it's time to give your boiler a little attention. This class will cover common problems you may find and their solutions. Common maintenance procedures such as burner cleaning, drain and fill procedures, water treatment and how to check controls will be discussed.





CLASS - Electrical Testers & Meters


Saturday, August 18th 12PM-1PM

Electrical testers and meters are an inexpensive way to make your electrical work safer and easier. In this class we'll discuss receptacle testers, voltage detectors, solenoid voltage testers, multimeters and clamp mweters. You'll never have to worry about getting shocked again. Speaker: Austin Vonderheide.




CLASS - Ceiling Fan Installation


Saturday, July 21st 12PM-1PM

We'll take you step by step through a ceiling fan installation. Our own Austin Vonderheide will present.








CLASS - Caulk - Selection, Removal and Application


Saturday, June 23rd 12PM-1PM

Whether you're caulking to weather proof windows or water proof your bathtub, there is a silicone or latex caulk for your job. In this class we'll discuss the properties of silicone and latex caulks including flexibility, durability, odor and clean-up. Specialty caulks available including concrete caulk, fire retardant caulk and mortar caulks and more. Speaker: Patrick Kaacks.





CLASS - Painting - Wall repair, Priming and Top Coating


Wednesday, June 20th 12PM-3PM

You'll need to patch up those holes and prime before you put on that fresh coat of paint. In this class we'll discuss wall preparation, including proper cleaning and repair methods. Then we'll turn to room preparation and techniques the pros use for priming and top coating that will give you that perfect wall. Speaker: Brian Kloss.





At Clark Devon Hardware's YouTube channel you can view videos on a wide variety of home maintenance and repair topics. We record and upload our School of Maintenance classes (in full) to YouTube. There are also many (shorter) in-store productions on topics ranging from 'How to Assemble a Big Green Egg Nest' to 'How to Measure Triple Track Windows' as well as helpful videos curated from other sources.

Clark Devon YouTube 



This catalog  describes many of the products and services we can provide.  It includes guides with detailed faucet and stem breakdowns and plumbing fitting diagrams. Some item numbers have changed or been discontinued in the 10 years since it was first published, but it is still a valuable resource to help you get your job done. 


Download the Commercial Catalog PDF


Do you have an idea for a class, a workshop or a video we really ought to make? Send it!   We look forward to hearing from you.  Contact us on the form below.

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